MILF Nikki and Nikki Masters Small Penis Humiliation

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MILF Nikki and Nikki Masters are two gorgeous fetish babes who love putting men in their place. Just grit your teeth and take the abuse or these two kinky babes will make your life a living hell.
Look, we don’t know how to break it to you nicely so we are just going to say it. You have an incredibly tiny penis. I mean, it’s like you never grew down there from the time you were born. People joke about guy’s with baby penises, but you quite literally have the penis of someone who never went through puberty.
Did your mom drink or do drugs when you were in the womb, because there is seriously something wrong with the way you developed. Your penis is so small, you are like a medical oddity. You should go to the doctor and see if there is something seriously wrong with you because having a cock that small definitely is not normal.
- MILF Nikki & Nikki Masters


Hollis Ireland Heather Silk Goddess Shea SPH Tube

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Hollis Ireland, Heather Silk, and Goddess Shea are three bratty fetish babes who love making fun of guys who have tiny little cocks. These three kinky babes only fuck real men, and with that tiny little thing, you don’t qualify.
Hey, if you show us your cock, we’ll show you what we’ve got. Wait a second, what the fuck is that supposed to be? Is that really your cock? I can’t believe it! That thing is so small that I don’t think you really even count as a guy. We can barely even see your cock from here without a magnifying glass.
Seriously, we have seen women with clits bigger than your cock. Those women are more of a man than you will ever be. Have you ever even had sex before? I’ll bet he’s a virgin because no one in their right mind would ever fuck a guy who has a penis that barely bigger than the end of a pinkie finger.
- Hollis Ireland, Heather Silk, & Goddess Shea


Taylor Raz, Iva Sinister, Danica Logan, and Vanessa Vixon Group Small Penis Humiliation

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Taylor Raz, Iva Sinister, Danica Logan, and Vanessa Vixon are four of the hottest babes in the fetish biz. Strap in and brace yourself because these four kinky babes are about to take you on one wild ride.
Come in here and take off your pants. Look at that tiny useless little dick! Have you ever seen anyone with a smaller cock before? I just had to invite over all my friends so they could see your pathetic little cock because I knew they would never believe how small it is unless they actually saw it for themselves.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but we are not going to give you a pity fuck. That tiny little penis is completely useless. No matter how a tight a woman is, they wouldn’t even feel it if you tried to fuck them. You are just going to have to come to term with the fact that you will never be able to please a woman with that tiny thing.
- Taylor Raz, Iva Sinister, Danica Logan, and Vanessa Vixon


Princess Anna in a small penis disgrace video clip

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Princess Anna knows that you don’t like to be called ‘little guy’, but after seeing how small your cock is, how can you blame her? Listen to what this woman has to say as she abuses your tiny cock.
Let me guess, you’re still a virgin? I mean, you have to be, given that your cock is the size of my little finger. Even if a girl did want to sleep with you, chances are your small package is unable to even be felt. Aww, you are such a little man – and it isn’t just your cock, is it? Small wallet, small life prospects, you name it – it’s tiny!
So why are you here? Did you honestly think that when you came through that door, you would have the slightest chance of having sex with me? Haha! That’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. The look on your face is absolutely priceless. I’m sorry that your genetics gave you that, but what do you want me to do about your incredibly small penis?
- Princess Anna


Carissa Montgomery Nikki Masters Crystal Frost SPH Vids

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Carrisa Montgomery, Nikki Masters, and Crystal Frost are three scorching hot fetish babes who demand a lot from the men they are with. If you don’t measure up, these three fetish babes are going to let you know it.
Come in here and look at how small his penis is! Have you ever seen one so tiny before? We should get out a ruler and a camera, because I think we might have the world’s smallest penis right here. If we send it in to the right people maybe you could become a celebrity as the man with the world’s most pathetic penis.
If you thought that maybe we would feel sorry for you and throw you a pity fuck, you are dead wrong. We only fuck around with guys who can actually make us cum, and with your record breaking baby penis, that’s literally impossible. Having sex with you would be like throwing a toothpick down a mine shaft.
- Carrisa Montgomery, Nikki Masters, & Crystal Frost


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