MILF Nikki and Nikki Masters Small Penis Humiliation

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MILF Nikki and Nikki Masters are two gorgeous fetish babes who love putting men in their place. Just grit your teeth and take the abuse or these two kinky babes will make your life a living hell.
Look, we don’t know how to break it to you nicely so we are just going to say it. You have an incredibly tiny penis. I mean, it’s like you never grew down there from the time you were born. People joke about guy’s with baby penises, but you quite literally have the penis of someone who never went through puberty.
Did your mom drink or do drugs when you were in the womb, because there is seriously something wrong with the way you developed. Your penis is so small, you are like a medical oddity. You should go to the doctor and see if there is something seriously wrong with you because having a cock that small definitely is not normal.
- MILF Nikki & Nikki Masters


Natalie Laine, Alexis Rain, and Whitney Morgan SPH

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Natalie Laine, Alexis Rain, and Whitney Morgan are three dangerously sexy fetish babes you don’t want to fuck with. Don’t beg for mercy with these three fetish babes because they are fresh out.
Alright, let’s see what you’ve got down there. Oh shit! Is that it? Really??? Oh my god, that cock is fucking tiny! Well, we were going to fuck you, but there is no way if that pathetic little dick is all you’ve got. How does it feel knowing you could have had a foursome with three hot babes if your cock wasn’t so tiny?
A penis that small is completely useless. You should really be embarrassed about that tiny little thing in between your legs. We would almost feel bad for you but you’re so fucking pathetic it’s hard not to laugh at you instead. Have fun living the rest of your life knowing that no one will ever fuck you with a cock that big.
- Natalie Laine, Alexis Rain & Whitney Morgan


Ember Skye in a small penis humiliation movie

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Ember Skye loves to abuse boys that have small cocks, because she has spent her life enjoying big ones. She knows just how pathetic and small you must feel when she talks about the massive dicks that you can never match.
I know about your little problem, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, plenty of dudes get aroused when they see this beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed princess. How about you take out that cock and jerk in front of me? I want to see just how turned on I make you with my amazing body.
Why are you shy? Oh my ... that has to be the smallest cock I have ever seen! You are one itty bitty tiny boy, aren’t you? What happened down there? That must be the most pathetic cock I have ever seen, and I bet that you can’t even get it bigger if I showed you my perfect slit. What a pathetic, useless dick you have.
- Ember Skye


Natalie Laine Small Penis Humiliation Tube

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Look at that tiny little thing. Its just so little, what are you going to with that.
That tiny little dick, that is just the smallest thing I've ever seen. I can barely see it, how are you even going to get that hard? It is just too small!
- Natalie Laine


Ember Skye in a small penis humiliation video

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Ember Skye understands that you have no control over the size of your cock, but at the same time, she knows that you fantasize about being treated poorly because your tiny, insignificant dick means nothing to her.
I’m such a perfect, pretty princess and you simply cannot resist my allure. You act as one of my dick puppets, and whatever I want, I get. I wish you could know what it’s like to have a large cock, and to have it covered in my juices, but sadly, with your small and pathetic penis, that is never going to happen. It’s such a shame!
Do you like it when I tease you about your small cock? Just take a look at this dildo – it’s five times bigger than yours, and best of all, it’s deliciously girthy. I like thick dicks, and it must make you sad to know that you can never, ever please me in the ways I like to be pleased. So go ahead and play with your small cock while you listen to me tease you all about how useless it is.
- Ember Skye


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